Railing Stains Railing Stains Railing Stains

"Europe's Premier Rolling Stones Covers Band"

Ladies & Gentlemen...put your hands together for the world’s premier Rolling Stones covers band The Railing Stains!!

Whether you’re having a private party, wedding or corporate event, The Railing Stains always ensure the soul and spirit of the greatest Rock ‘n Roll band in the world make your night go with a bang. The band have played for the best of ‘em – whether playing for American Express or the Hells Angels, The Railing Stains blow the roof off every time... Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stones in style this year and book the band for your event –

“It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll But I Like It!”

© 2013 Bob Ward. All Rights reserved.

© 2013 Bob Ward. All Rights reserved.

© 2013 Railing Stains. All Rights reserved.